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PT Kreasindo Sentra Instrumentasi

PT. Kreasindo Sentra Instrumentasi (PT. KSI) was established by Ibnu Hadjar in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the field of supplying laboratory and scientific equipment. In the course of 19 years the company has served 6 government owned institutions and private company majoring in pharmaceutical, chemical, medicinal herbs, food& beverages companies. As a result PT. KSI emerges as one trusted company in this field.

We are trusted to supply laboratory & scientific equipment to government and private sector in Indonesia. We are also capable of handling project

In the future, PT KSI has a vision to maintain what it does best, expand network of end user, and continuously improve management team and customer service. To guarantee satisfaction of customer, the company currently offers a wide range of customer service :

  • Technical & maintenance service
  • Installation & Operational
  • Consultant and technical advisory
  • Advanced technical application
  • Advertisement in newspaper, local, and scientific magazines
  • Seminar or informative discussion
  • Qualified technical sales representatives
  • Well trained and experienced team in processing government project as well as private companies


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